The Joys of Caregiving for your Loved Ones

Caregiving can be part of our lives when our parent/parents/family faces a physical and /or mental decline

This may be a strange title but it can make the difference between burnout and seeing a deeper purpose when you are a caregiver for a declining older adult.

Highlights to help you be a joyful caregiver:

  • Accept the person as is. Remember that this is a whole person with a declining mind and/or body but there are always remnants of the person in there. Even with a degree of Alzheimer’s that often wipes out memory, there are still bonds of love and caring that transcend the person’s limitations.
  • Seek expert help; it is a wise and profitable expense. In seeking the services of a Senior Care Planner, you may save much time and frustration. A Senior Care planner can help you with resources both private and through certain government program. An aging specialist and senior care Planner such as Services for Living Well can also provide the emotional support to both families and the individual who is going through life transitions, changes and loss.
  • Take care of yourself. Make time to rest from caregiving. Don’t feel guilty if you at times resent being a caregiver. You are only human and being aware of your emotions can be a plus to allow you to feel this and be understanding to yourself.
  • Give yourself permission to grieve the decline of your loved one but don’t stay in that state. Understand that the present is what is important now. The past can hold lovely memories, be able to enjoy these as such.
  • Find things to be grateful for on a daily basis!