Effective Life Coaching Services in Aventura

Clients often come to me seeking improved relationships with the important people in their lives. In some cases, the relationship in question is with a significant other including a boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse. However, by no means are all relationships romantic in nature.

The relationships in our lives can also be with family members, neighbors, work colleagues and friends. Better relationships with the people we interact with daily makes our lives, and the lives of others, happier. Developing better relationships with others is tightly linked to improved emotional intelligence .
Emotional intelligence, sometimes referred to as EQ, is the ability to understand, process and manage your own emotions and interpret those of others. Your emotional intelligence is like a muscle that can be trained and strengthened through a process of self-discovery and practice.

A series of solutions-focused psychotherapy sessions with me can bring you to a place where, through
improved emotional intelligence, you can see the important relationships in your life begin to blossom and begin to bring you true happiness.