Psychotherapy by Alina Sosa-Perez

Alina Sosa-Perez is a licensed psychotherapist with experience working with individuals couples and groups of all ages and backgrounds.  Psychotherapy sessions with Alina can alleviate the stress of everyday life as well as soften the blows of anxiety and depression. They can make a relationship bloom again. Therapy can be conducted in English or Spanish. Sessions can be online or in person (South Florida only).

Let Alina Sosa-Perez help you to live your best life as well as you can. Reach out to book your session today.

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Personal Growth

Personal growth is the constant improvement of ourselves. Maintaining a positive relationship with ourselves requires personal growth and is the key to happiness and success in life.

Three important aspects of our personal growth include our self-knowledge, our self-worth, and our emotional development. Self-knowledge refers to the extent to which we understand who we are as unique people. Our self-worth is the esteem we hold for ourselves and is a reflection of our self-talk, what we tell ourselves throughout the day. Our emotional development involves improving our ability to control our feelings and reactions as opposed to letting them control us. As we improve our abilities in these three areas we experience personal growth.

I work with my clients to help them develop a path for personal growth that lasts a lifetime, always improving in the three areas described above. In as short a period as possible, my clients see positive results in their lives stemming from a better relationship with themselves and with others.

Personal Growth
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Life Coaching

Life coaches serve many purposes. They are our sounding board, our source of encouragement and your trusted advisor. They specialize in establishing clear goals and a realistic timeline to accomplishing them.

Working with a good life coach can help us to identify our goals, maximize our potential, and reach our personal objectives.

Here are some examples of indications that working with a life coach can help you overcome current challenges:

• Desire to get rid of bad habits

• Blocked creativity or lack of self-
motivation or a lack of fulfillment
in your social life or work.

• High levels of anxiety, irritability
and stress.

I am committed to providing effective sessions that get to the heart of the matter quickly. As your life coach, I will provide the support, encouragement, and objectivity you need to take the next steps in your life, whatever they may be.

Life Coaching

Relationship Counseling

Clients often come to me seeking improved relationships with the important people in their lives. In some cases, the relationship in question is with a significant other including a boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse. However, by no means are all relationships romantic in nature.

The relationships in our lives can also be with family members, neighbors, work colleagues and friends. Better relationships with the people we interact with daily makes our lives, and the lives of others, happier. Developing better relationships with others is tightly linked to improved emotional intelligence .
Emotional intelligence, sometimes referred to as EQ, is the ability to understand, process and manage your own emotions and interpret those of others. Your emotional intelligence is like a muscle that can be trained and strengthened through a process of self-discovery and practice.

A series of solutions-focused psychotherapy sessions with me can bring you to a place where, through
improved emotional intelligence, you can see the important relationships in your life begin to blossom and begin to bring you true happiness.

Relationship Counseling

Alina Sosa-Perez, LCSW Licensed Psychotherapist.

I am Alina Sosa - Perez, the psychotherapist behind Services for Living Well. I am passionate about using cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology and solution focused therapy to make a difference in the lives of my clients.

Clients ranging from young adults (in their 20s) to those over 60 come to me seeking peace within themselves and better outcomes in their relationships with others.

Clients Choose Me Because

  1. They are looking for a professional with a caring and healing approach
  2. They want therapy sessions that get results quickly and effectively
  3. They value my diverse experience
  4. I am trained in various disciplines allowing for customized interventions


Is Counseling Confidential?

Counseling is a confidential process and only with an informed consent from the client can any information be released or discussed. Confidentiality is a very strict rule in psychotherapy.

How long does counseling take?

The number of sessions depends on your presenting concerns. Each person is different and requires a different length of treatment.

Does psychotherapy affect my job?

For the most part, employers are not allowed to ask if you have been in counseling, and future employers will not even know that you attended counseling unless you tell them. There are a few very specific exceptions to this (i.e., if you are applying for a job in law enforcement or for a government agency that requires high security clearance) but you will be informed during the application process in these situation.

What is the process of Senior Care Assistance?

The first step is an in-depth assessment to identify the needs of the client. If there is a need for counseling an appointment will be scheduled. If other services are necessary, a plan of care will be developed and options of care will be discussed including appropriate referrals.

What is the greatest investment in therapy?

The greatest investment is your ability to work honestly and with a true commitment to make the changes for your growth. It includes attending regularly and being on time for your appointments.

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